Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bushcraft USA Review

This is a first for the Ranger's Adventures Project, a web site review.  I found this site a while back called Bushcraft USA and and have enjoyed the information that is available. The members of the forum are generally friendly and open to other forms of outdoor adventure.  They even have a class called Bush Class USA that is taught by actual bushcraft teachers from across the country and around the web.  I am currently taking the class and am about halfway though the basic portion. 

If you don't know about bushcraft, it is a style of outdoorsmanship that focuses on minimum gear, maximum knowledge.  Practitioners learn skills and build the majority of their gear in the field.  Hardcore bushcrafters, bushcraftmen? People that do bushcraft that are more into it even carve their own dishes and silverware.  Many will take the minimum amount of food, and hunt, trap and gather a good amount of their food in the wild.  Basically it is voluntary wilderness survival, but definitely an adventure.   If this peaks your interest, swing by

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