Monday, January 9, 2012

New Job, New Adventure

My posting lately has been thrown off because I started a new job, which has lead to many adventures.  I am one of the night clerks at a local gas station convenience store, and it has certainly been an adventure of a different sort.  Because it is winter, and I am awake mostly at night, my outdoor adventures have been few and far between.  I have plenty of adventures in my duties at night, cleaning the gas station, dealing with people who want to buy beer when it is not legal, others who want to buy cigarettes without ID.  Things really get fun when stoned or drunk people come in and change things up.  I will be working to get out more, as a bit of a gut is forming on me. (If you ask the Hobbit, it was always there)  More adventures will be held shortly as I get out more.  Stay tuned.

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