Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shooting with Friends and Wife

Last Saturday I had the chance to go shooting on the west side of Utah Lake with some of my friends and my wonderful wife, the Hobbit.  After setting up the shoot while enjoying some wings earlier in the week, we headed out Saturday afternoon to enjoy some high powered firearms action.  My wife has been interested in learning how to shoot the rifle that we have, so I brought her along.  We had a wonderful time, despite some other shooters who were not being safe in their gun handling.  Toward the end of our time as the weather turned cold, the unsafe shooters, lets call them morons, were approached by a BLM ranger and ID-ed.  He was joined by many local county sheriff deputies.  Many of the shooters there, along with ourselves were glad to see them busted.  It was a great experience to work with the Hobbit, teaching her to shoot my little .22 caliber rifle.  It also was entertaining the see her try to shoot a 12 Gauge pump action shotgun and a .45 handgun.  One of my friends, Blackhawk, let me shoot his 12 gauge that was loaded with a Magnum Slug, and it gave me a dead arm and left me with a stiff shoulder for the rest of the day.  I will include pictures when I get them uploaded.  Keep having adventures.

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