Want to go on an adventure with Ranger?  Provided you don't mind being mentioned on his trip report, having your mug on some pictures, supplying your own gear, and adding some cash to the pot for food and gas, you are more than welcome to join him on his next adventure.  You only have to email him at rangersadventures at gmail dot com (Spelled out to avoid spam) with the title, 'I want to go on an adventure with you' and the following survey copy, pasted and filled out in the email.

Age: (Can be given in an age range if you feel more comfortable)
Level of Comfort with the Outdoors: (It's ok if you aren't very comfortable, we just need to know)
Type of Adventure Desired: (Car camping, backpacking, shooting range, rock climbing, road trip, bushcraft basics, feel free to add your own ideas)
Length of Adventure: (Part day is fine, or as long as you wish to propose)
Medical History: (Does not need to be disclosed right away, but we do need to know if we are away from town so we can make sure if something does happen, we can provide the proper medical response.
Anything Else you want to share: (No very racy pictures please, I am a happily married man)

We look forward to hearing from you so we can have many more adventures here on the site.