Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankgiving Adventures

Well, here in the U.S. it is Thanksgiving Day.  A day full of adventure potential.  For most of us, we visit family, eat turkey, watch football, eat pie, eat other foods, including turkey, and watch the rest of our family make fools of themselves.  (Depending on the family, events may take place in other orders)  The next day is Black Friday, where people perform combat in the gladiatorial style in order to be first go save $10 on a $600 dollar TV.

Because it is what is known in Spanish as la dia de la accion de gracias or dia del pavo (Turkey Day, yes, people really say that in Spanish) I am not going to write much, but remember the adventures that we can each have in the outdoors as we compete in a Turkey Bowl Game or inside as we fight for the last bit of yams.

Personally, I will get cozy with the Hobbit, maybe play some football with the cousins, be useful in the kitchen, eat too much of everything (especially pie) and then lay around until I feel well enough to move to my car so I can go home.  Adventures, here we come!


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