Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My weekend adventure

This weekend, I was going to have an adventure.  I was planning a hike up a wash near my house.  For those of you not in the know, a wash is a dry canyon.  I didn't go.  Instead I went grocery shopping and to the public library with my wife, the Hobbit.  Not in that order.  So we were at the library Saturday Morning, and the place was a mess.  On an usual basis, the library sells off old and or extra books, and last Saturday morning was the sale.  People were crammed into a small basement room, just to browse a collection of used books.  It was worth it.  The Hobbit and I picked up a bag full of books, for only 3 dollars.  Included in the bag was a guidebook of day hikes, a healthy cookbook, a medicinal herb book, and a good selection of novels.

Following our adventure at the library, we had another by heading to a new grocery store that we haven't used before.  Well, I had a 6 dollar gift card, and I bought the Hobbit some chocolate covered pretzels on my way home one day.  I liked the store, checked out some of the prices, and liked what I saw. 

My point is, even though this blog is about outdoor adventure, if we go into life with the right attitude, we can change every day experiences like going to the store or getting books at the library into an adventure.  The more adventures we choose to have every day, the more we will enjoy our lifes.

Go choose to have an adventure.


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  1. Choose to have an adventure...what a great motto. I'm glad I married you. <3