Sunday, November 6, 2011

So, this is the real life

The real life, not the fantastic illusion of the computer world that we spend so much time in.  I love the outdoors and the wonder and amazement that I get from a 250 foot repel.  Or from hiking to a waterfall.  You also get some strange experiences too, like finding a buddy using a cathole in the dark.  But all of these experiences build together to adventures and those adventures remain memories that stay with us forever.  More than the latest tweets or facebook posts. 

My goals here are simple and transparent.  I want to show my adventures, post gear reviews,  and encourage you to have adventures.  If any of my posts don't fit that criteria, call me out on it.  If you have a question, ask!  This blog is for you readers, as much as it is for me. 

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