Thursday, February 9, 2012

Every Day Adventure Essentials

Every good adventurer has to have some quality gear, whether for every day adventures in town or in the back country.  While I could go into the nitty gritty details of each brand of the pieces that I will cover, or what I personally feel is the best, I will share my opinions.  But they are simply my opinions and I want each of you to go find your own opinion.  So here we go, every day essentials.

1. Wallet and all included!  Yes, you need to have your wallet.  In my wallet I have proper local ID, a credit/debit card, family pictures, a little bit of cash in small bills, and assorted other cards IE: School ID, library card, Sam's/Costco/BJ's.  Each of these things are increasingly important to have in our modern world.  Even in the back country, a wallet has many uses.  Some are first aid, body ID if you die (Sad but true), old receipts can be used for fire starting.  Figure out what multi-use functions your wallet can provide you for your activities. 

2. A knife.  A good quality pocket or neck knife is a wonderful tool to have that, once you get used to it, you will use every day.  I personally use mine while working on hobby project or at work.  Much of the time you will use it for opening boxes and the like, it is great to have when you need it.  Do your own research on good knifes, for a good resource visit nutnfancy on YouTube, take a look at his playlists, he is subscribed on my YouTube page.  Be prepared to spend a bit of money, but if you by quality, you will only by once.  Unless you lose it, like I have for a few of my knifes.  I use a Spyderco Tenacious

3. A small flashlight in AA or AAA.  Trust me, it is another every day tool that you don't realize how handy it is until you have it with you every day.  I was in a room with no windows when the power went out, and my small quality light lit the room UP!  Just some circumstances that I personally have used my small flashlight in power outages, dark basements, under desks looking for dropped items, unlocking my car, and looking for something in a room without turning on the lights (Someone was sleeping and I didn't want to bother them.)  Like the knifes, see nutnfancy, pay a bit, have it last much longer.  I use a Streamlight Stylus Pro.

4. A handkerchief.  Yay! Something cheep!  Yes, you can use it to wipe your nose, wipe your tears, as a napkin, etc.  Great, cheep, you can get a pack for a few dollars at any megamart or big box.  I use cotton bandanas.

5. Your brain.  You can do SO MUCH when you just use your head.  Using your head, you can see what kind of things you personally need to add to your individual gear.  Be MacGyver, or if that is too old a referance for you, be Micheal Weston.  If you don't get either, use a search engine and put netflix or Hulu to work.

Go have an adventure.

PS: Just got word, and wanted to share.  I ham going to be a father!  A whole new, much anticipated adventure.

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