Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring Road Trip: Capitol Reef and Grand Canyon Nat'l Parks

With the rise of Spring, the call of Adventure was roaring in my ears.  My wife, the Hobbit, and I journeyed south to the land of colored rock, bright green vegetation in bloom, and a touch of the unknown.  First stop, Capitol Reef National Park, my favorite national park thus far.  The oasis of bright green in the Fruita Historical District was a reprieve and contrast from the desert colors of tan and red.  A quick stop in the Visitor Center to orient ourselves to the unique geological history of the area, as well as a glimpse into what life was like for past settlers, both of the native and the Pioneer variety. 

A storm was rolling in, its dark clouds threatening our encampment and a wonderful dinner.  Foolishly, I had not planned to reserve a camping spot at the park campground, which was crammed full of visitors.  A wonderful park employee who sold us the most amazing and life-changing peach pie, gave us a few alternate locations to pitch our tent, in the literal sense.  The clouds grow thicker as we searched for a place to lay our heads and fill our bellies, and rain followed by snow pounded our adventure vehicle ("Sally" the '93 Saturn SL).  Consulting our atlas, we searched for alternate locations for food and lodging.  We decided to continue on our course, leaving Capitol Reef Nat'l Park, heading south and toward our next destination while investigating other options to set up camp on the way.  A few state parks were situated along our route, however the ones we passed lay upon the shores of Utah's lakes and reservoirs, and as the storm rolled along, the wind amongst the shores was approaching not only uncomfortable but perhaps unbearable levels.  Certainly not levels one typically wants to camp in with a woman who is five months pregnant (and who does not generally enjoy camping, even in good weather).

As we ventured further south to our next destination, we passed in and out of the storm, and into the night.  We faced a few harrowing mountain passes, slick with fresh winter precipitation, and thick with fear in the deep of the night.  However, cool minds and strong courage prevailed and we reached the Southern Utah town of Kanab where we found affordable lodging for the night.  Within the dry, semi-comfort of the cheap motel room, we enjoyed sandwiches, chips, drinks, and the remainder of the life changing peach pie from our first destination while being entertained by the cable television afforded to us by our 49$ a night fee.

As not much occurred during the night except for our light slumber, I will not go into much more detail about our stay in Kanab.  In the morning we departed for our next destination, and the next part of our adventure in the land of Red Rock and desert.

Stay tuned for Part 2: The Grand Canyon.  See all the pictures of my trip by clicking the link below.

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